Two new African print dresses – For sale

I never realised two blog posts could result in 570 blog views in two days. But it seems that’s what blogging about gorgeous home made girls’ African print dresses and how Burberry Prorsum was inspired by me can bring. And what a great reception. Lots of people have been sharing the link, and I’ve had enquiries from four people about making dresses for girls of six months, one for a four year old and one for a 10 year old, so I’m going to get to the drawing board this weekend to make that happen.

But as for the turquoise, red and pink dresses I made at the weekend, I have now sold one. The age 1 turquoise dress has been snapped up by a teacher colleague of my husband‘s. Her little girl has red hair, so she  is undoubtedly going to look adorable in it. And what a steal. That lovely little dress was proving a real favourite amongst many and I’m actually quite sad to see it go as it was the first one I completed.

But, it is gone, and a cute little girl in West London is hopefully going to look lovely wearing it. So it’s time to add a couple of other dresses into the mix.

Tonight’s additions are two purple dresses – one for age 4, the other age 5. Again, both are 100% cotton, 100% hand made by me, and 100% one-offs. None of your mass produced cotton/polyester Primark tat here. The one on the left is age 4 and is made from beautiful batik fabric bought at Obuasi market in Ghana – pretty special – and is one of my favourite dresses so far. The one on the right is age 5. Here they are:

left age 4, right age 5

These two dresses are for sale at the introductory price of £22 each plus postage.

If you would like to snap one up before it goes please email me. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter. I’m not picky about how you get in touch.

And if you can’t bear just for your little girl to have something in African print, take a look at these Oyster card holders for you. Get one for just £4 when you purchase a dress. Bargain!


And finally, if you’d like to see more about Obuasi and other parts of Ghana, which have inspired this range of dresses, click here for our holiday snaps.

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